October 2019 AMA

Community sourced questions about the Storecoin project to date:

Questions in-line below:

1/ Can you please provide more details on the team? (you mentioned 18+ members)

2/ What was the outcome of the peer reviews you’ve had so far - has there been feedback that’s been implemented?

3/ What is your adoption plan to bring developers onto the STORE platform?

4/ There are many decentralized cloud platforms being developed at the moment, what are the key differentiators that you’ll be marketing to the public in such a crowded market?

5/ What do you expect the price of STORE to be in the final MTO?

6/ When are we going to see the project shift from a ‘research’ focus to a ‘product development’ focus?

7/ Chris McCoy always talks about datacoins. But what actually are they? Can you provide a specific use-case a walkthrough of how it works with a specific type of data?

8/ Is the STORE main net launching in 2020 or will you launch an ERC20 token before then?

9/ With US regulation tightening, can you see STORE moving offshore at any stage during its development?

10/ What date does the whitepaper come out?

11/ Are you going to announce any business partnerships soon?

12/ How will STORE attempt to prevent market dumping when private sale/team tokens are vested upon launch?

13/ Can you explain shared security as simply as possible? (ELI5)

14/ What are the main selling points Storecoin will use to attract developers away from the communities of other projects?